Proverb – American

“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”

Sherri recalls learning this as a teenager approximately sixteen years old from her mother.  Sherri was trying to be a rebellious teenager and was in a feud with her mother about extending her curfew.  She said a few rude comments to her mother who did not take them well.  Her mother told her she was grounded and said “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”  This essentially means, Sherri explained, that you should not upset someone who is above you in the hierarchy of life.  In other words, you should not get in a fight with someone who you depend on to provide you with something that helps your life run more smoothly.  For example, do not upset your boss or someone higher ranked than you in the business place or else you could find yourself without a job.  Or, in this setting, do not upset your parents if you are still a minor as you could find yourself without a roof over your head.

Sherri says this proverb is very important to her.  She has since passed it on to all of her four children as a forewarning that you should not make enemies with people who provide you with the products you need to live a happy life.

I believe the meaning of this proverb Sherri provided is correct: you should not make those mad who are of higher standing than you.  The ideas presented by this idea are very important for everyone to know.  While you should try not to get in fights with anyone, it is important that you do not get in fights with those that help provide for you, as it can end up having catastrophic consequences.