Proverb: Better Late than Never

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25 April 2011

Proverb- “better late than never”

“So I turned in a paper 2 days late to my teacher last week. As I handed her the paper, I said something to the effect ‘I’m sorry it’s late.” She looked at me and then responded, ‘Well…better late than never.” RA explains, that to him, this proverb meant basically what it says. That its better to turn in something late than not at all.

Looking at this, I tend to agree. For major projects an school work, its better to turn in a more polished copy late, than a half-assed one on time, and more so than not doing it at all. However, when thinking about this statement, I find that I can identify specific times/instances when this is not the case. If it’s a short homework assignment that a teacher is grading that either you did it or you didn’t turn it in on time, than there is no reason to put in the effort if you can’t get partial credit. On the whole, this proverb is a good advice that wouldn’t hurt, maybe only some time and effort, and has the possibility of getting some recognition/credit for doing it at all.