Proverb – El Salvadorean

Perro que ladra no muerde

Dog that barks doesn’t bite.

Cesar says he heard this proverb in El Salvador. He says that it is talking about when people like to talk a lot of mess yet they never actually do anything. Like those type of people like to start drama but when it comes down to a confrontation they always back down or simply shy away from it. They just like to make noise.

I think Cesar is right on with his explanation. Some people have the biggest mouth you can imagine yet they never have actually done anything to back up their words. This proverb reminds me of the saying ‘all talk no walk’. They both basically say the exact same thing in that someone runs their mouth but don’t support their words with action.

In essence, this proverb kind of compares a person with a loud mouth to a Chihuahua. All they do is bark and yap and when it comes down to it, they don’t do anything. So if someone constantly tries to abuse another verbally, they really aren’t going to do anything because if they did want to start something, they would use some sort of force instead of just talking.