Proverb – India (Tamil)

Arukamataathan Keil 58 aruvaalam

Even with 58 knives, there is no use if the person doesn’t know how to use them.

My informant first told me about this proverb when I was young kid in 4th grade. It happened when I was doing a huge project. I had all the material and books with me which was need for the project, but I had no clue what I was doing and how I was going to do it. That is when my dad told me this old proverb. He said that his uncle had told him once when he was a teenager, and he’s heard it many times since then.

Ever since my informant told me about this proverb it has made me think about things that I want to do more in depth and understand the material that I need to learn in school. It was kind of a lesson that my informant told me through this proverb. Throughout my high school life I followed this proverb to its fullest. This proverb has also been told to my sister in her early years of her life. For some reason my dad is very fond of this proverb and says it to many people, including my mom. He said that he was very impacted by this proverb when his uncle first told him, which is why it is so close to him.

Basically what this proverb is saying is that even with the material you have, you need to know how to use this material. You might have numerous resources but the one who’s the smartest knows how to use all of them to his advantage. I think that this proverb is used all over the world in many different languages. I have heard this proverb (worded differently) in English many times. But even though it is universal this particular proverb in my native language of Tamil will bear a close tie with me because of its implication and its life changing