Proverb – Korea

Proverb- Korea

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Morunun ke yakida.

Ignorance is a medicine

Ignorance is bliss

My father told me he learned this proverb a long time ago when he was child. His father (my grandfather) told him this proverb. My father used to be and still is a very curious person. He said that whenever he got a new toy or a gadget; he would wonder how it works. In order to figure that out, he would try to take it apart his toys and usually end up breaking his toys. So his father, in joking manner told him that proverb. My father said that at first when he learned the proverb, he paid no attention to it. However, now he said that the proverb has deeper meaning than when it was used on him. He said it means that not knowing some things in life is a good thing. As a child, you don’t know about how hard it is to pay the bills and keep food on the table. The child does not have to worry about payments or taking care of a family. Not knowing those things, are a good thing for a child. Eventually the child will grow up and learn those things but until then it is bliss to not know those things.

I remember a time when I was younger and I really wanted to grow up and do adult things. I wanted to drive a car and have money. At that time, my dad actually said this proverb to me. He told me not to rush growing up, and enjoy my childhood. I didn’t understand what my dad was trying to say with the proverb. But now as grow closer and closer to the end of my college life, I realized what the proverb meant. By learning more things about life and the “outside world”, I realize life does get harder as I grow up. I know now that once I graduate college, I will have to find work in order to support myself.

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