Proverb – Spanish

Crea        fama       y               acuestate          a           dormir

Create      fame      and           go to bed           to          to sleep

“First impressions go a long way”

Tony learned this proverb from his grandfather when he was preparing for college interviews as a high school senior.  He was trying to predict the possible interview questions he would face when his grandpa reminded him that it was also important how he looked for the interview.  He would be meeting the university officials for the first time and how they viewed him initially would affect how the rest of the interview would be run.  When a student makes a very strong first impression the interviewer is eager to carry out the interview.  However, if the interviewee isn’t impressed by the student, it makes it difficult for him/her to change his/her opinion.  The initial impression of the interviewee will always remain and will influence his views on the individual.

First impressions are also important in a variety of situations, ranging from a simple meeting of one’s parents to establishing business connections.  Jut as parents would not want their child hanging out with an individual with body piercings and tattoos all over, business associates will not want to form bonds with someone who looks unorganized and unstable.  Appearance, therefore, is one of the first steps in establishing trust and deeper relationships.  It provides individuals with an initial understanding of who you are and either stirs in them a desire to want to know you deeper, or fails to.  Therefore, it is important to remember the importance of the initial encounter with people and to understand that first impressions can often make or break an individual’s future.