Proverb – Taiwanese


Yi3 ge mei3 de2 ren3 bu2 jian4 de2 you3 yi4 ge mei3 de sheng1 huo3.

“A beautiful person may not have a beautiful life.”

My informant heard this proverb from her mother at the age of nine.  She saw a model in a magazine and told her mother “I wish I was as beautiful as her.”  Her mother looked at my informant and said this proverb to her.  Her mother used this proverb to teach my informant that being beautiful does not make you happy.  My informant also says that her mother would use this proverb to stress the importance of education and a close group of friends who make you happy.

My informant says this proverb is very popular in Taiwan and can be used by anyone.  Generally, it is used to encourage young girls to aspire to more than being just beautiful.

Collector’s Note: I believe this proverb resembles the American one that “beauty is only skin deep.”