Proverb – University of California Irvine, California

“Hungry man is an angry man”


Pastor Arnold heard this quote from funny friends in college (UC Irvine).

Collector’s comments

It is dubious whether this is an actual African proverb or not, although Pastor Arnold asserts that it is. Most likely, Pastor Arnold heard this proverb from a hungry African-American friend and now labels this saying as an African proverb.

The proverb seems fitting for a college environment (especially in groups composed primarily of males) since college students often have trouble feeding and cooking for themselves.

I am currently a freshman living in an apartment just right off the main campus. Since I am not required to purchase a large meal plan, I too have had difficulty finding adequate and somewhat nutritious food. It seems that my roommates are not doing much better, often relying on instant ramen noodles, cookies, and starbursts for late night meals.