Proverbs – China

Proverbs- China


shì shàng wú nán shì zh? pà y?u x?n rén

world on without difficult circumstances, only fear have heart people

On this world there exists no such impossible tasks, they fear only those with perseverance.

Vicky told me that she learned this proverb in elementary school when she was still in Hong Kong. Her Chinese school teacher taught her this proverb. She said that this proverb means that if you have like faith in something then there aren’t like any difficult situations that you can’t overcome. As long as you have “heart” then you can overcome anything. She said that people usually say this proverb when someone is stuck in a situation and feel hopeless. In a personal experience, Vicky said that there was this time when she was hiking with a group of people. They had gotten lost and could not find their way back. People in her group were getting scared but the leader said this proverb and calmed everyone down. They eventually found their way back.

I personally have never heard proverb. However, I have heard of many similar proverbs underlying the meaning of never giving up. One proverb that this Chinese proverb reminds me of is “there is a will, then there is a way”. This is very similar because as long as you try, there is a way to succeed. This saying is often said in inspiration moments. I’ve seen many sports moments in movies where the losing team’s coach gives an inspiration speech about there always being a way to come out victorious. This proverb is used to inspire hope in people.

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