Psychic – Jordan

There is a recognized lady in most communities in Jordan who has a talent in reading the pattern of the ground Turkish coffee beans left behind after drinking coffee. She has become the designated person to do this after every meal. She supports a saucer on top of the cup and then turns the cup upside down. The pattern of ground coffee left in the cup is she what she interprets.

When she read Yousef Ghandour’s coffee she found seven columns in the cup and between two of them was a large space. She interpreted the large space to be a window and she predicted that he would be at a meeting with a group of seven other people. The window was the opportunity that would come out of the meeting. This appeared to come true some time later when he met with several physicians who offered him a position to work with them.

There are many truths that she has told people from reading their coffee cups. If she gets bad vibes from the coffee cup of the person that she is reading about, she won’t continue. This has become a ritual at social gatherings especially after the meal.

Although this particular case seems like coffee cup reading is valid, usually I would not believe in predictions for the future. With fortune cookies, horoscopes, and fortune tellers it appears as if they select a general prediction for the future that in some way each person can make it apply to him or herself. Many times I feel that my prediction did actually come true but when I actually think about it many circumstances could apply to the prediction.