Real-Life Story – United States

Derrick: “All right, so one of my friends told me this story about his best friend.

They were camping out in the woods, and they brought ‘shrooms with them.

So they were trippin’ off the ‘shrooms and decided it would be cool to go on a hike at night.

So while they were hiking, they started trippin’ out ‘cuz they thought they saw this gnome walking around.

So they started to chase it and follow it until they caught it.

Then they put it in this bag and decided to bring it back to the cabin they were staying in.

They kept it in one of the closets for a while, and they passed out.

So when they woke up they were like, “WTF did we do last night?”

One of them said, “Dude, I think we caught a gnome!  It’s in the closet!”

They realized the gnome would be hungry by then, so they went to go check on it.

When they opened the closet, guess what was inside …”

Me: “A squirrel!!???

Noooooooo, I’m scared.

Do I wanna know?”

Derrick: “Yeah, it’s sad.”

Me: “Don’t tell me it was a person.


Derrick: “It was a little girl.”

Derrick told me this story in regular conversation.  While he and his friends were on a road trip, Derrick’s friend told everyone in his car this story about his best friend, as a means of entertainment for them on the long journey.  This story is a true tale, but, to some extent, a morbid one at that.  This tale shows the negative effects of abusing illegal narcotics.  People would typically feel as though getting a substance-high and hiking in the woods to heighten their “trip” would be an ideal experience.  However, if such an unfortunate circumstance as this occurs, it invalidates the ideal concepts of getting such a high.