Original script/version:


Cinnamon Apple Salad -Mom


Karo light corn syrup



Cinnamon sticks

Imperial red hot cinnamon candies

Red food color

Peeled and cored apples

Combine in a large sauce pan.  Bring to boil and simmer until slightly thicken.  Place apples in simmering syrup a couple at a time.  Cook until apples are slightly softened and a nice red color.  Remove to a dish to cool.  Continue until all apples are cooked.  Refrigerate to chill.


Chopped celery

Chopped nuts (pecans or walnuts)



Combine all ingredients.

To assemble:

Place lettuce leaf on plate.  Put chilled apple on lettuce.  Fill with filling mix.  Allow some to overflow onto lettuce.  Serve.

This is a neat appetizer that my family has done for years. My mother got the receipt from her mother when they lived in Los Angeles in the early 1960’s. My mother is the one who always makes the apples. The first part of the process, when all the apples need to be skinned, is often left to the kids to do. The whole process takes a long time and is often started early in the morning. Unlike the family chocolate pie receipt, these apples are only made at Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.