Recipe – Mexico


This is a food made only during lent and is eaten on every Friday during this time, including Good Friday. It was a part of seven dishes made. Veronica does not know what the other dishes were, but believes they must have not been so good since they are no longer made. This specific dish was made because it does not have meat, which Catholics are not allowed to eat on Fridays of lent.

The recipe: (serves six people)

4 bolillos(like French bread) in pieces

1 piloncillo(unrefined brown sugar cone)

1 slice of cinnamon

Pepper (unrefined)

1 clove

1 laurel leaf

3 tomatillos

A piece of onion

Colored pills (chochitos de colores)

Shredded cheese


Shredded coco


Vegetable Oil

Fry the bolillos in the oil and put them aside so that they do not become hard. In a liter of water add the piloncillo, cinnamon, clove, pepper, laurel leaf, and the 3 tomatillos. Let this come to a boil then turn it off. In a separate pot, add the butter and the bolillos along with the walnuts, peanuts, colored pills, coco, and cheese. Then add only the water from the previous mixture. Let the mix heat on a low fire until everything has been incorporated well and the cheese has melted a bit.

Veronica makes this every lent, and enjoys eating it. She learned the recipe from her mother, who learned it from hers. I have tried this and did not like it, partly because I do not like soggy bread and because the ingredients all have a very defining taste. The recipe itself seems unclear and hard to follow, reason that leads me to believe that it can only be learned if it is taught to you by someone.