Recipe – Peruvian

Peruvian Dish – Ceviche


  • Five to seven catfish
  • Fresh squeezed limejuice
  • Salt
  • Onions
  • Celery


  • Cut fish into small squares
  • Sprinkle lots of salt on the fish
  • Squeeze the limes all over the fish, until everything is completely marinated
  • Leave dish for 30 minutes in order to be completely marinated
  • Cut onions in thin slices, and put it on top of the fish
  • Cut fine cilantro and put it all over the fish with onions and celery
  • Mix the dish
  • Serve to the family

Percy learned this dish from his mother very recently, on one of his biweekly trips back home from college. He said that this dish was a quite popular dish in Latin America, and each family had its own personal way of preparing it. The recipe above has been passed down in his mother’s side of the family for as long as his mother can remember. Percy’s mother is from Lima, Peru, while his father is from Ibano-Franchesik, Ukraine. He admits that his house seems like a hodgepodge of different cultures, but that is what makes him appreciate the intricacies of both cultures even more. He feels blessed to be able to experience the wonders of both the Peruvian culture and the Ukrainian culture. He states that this was the first time he learned a recipe from his mother, and hopes to learn more traditional dishes from her. He said that this dish is typically prepared for special occasions such as birthdays or a family gathering. However, ever since Percy and his identical twin, Yuri, went off to college, his mother had been cooking this for them once or twice a month, every time they visit home. When asked how he feels about this dish, he stated that learning how to make this traditional Peruvian dish instilled in him a desire to learn more about his family roots. He stated that it is very important to know where you come from, especially if you did not grow up in the same country that your parents did. He only visited the Ukraine for one summer, and spent three to four weeks in Peru. Thus, he wishes he could have visited more often in order to be more familiar with both cultures. He also hopes to learn how to speak Spanish and Ukrainian fluently, instead of simply being able to understand a few phrases. His parents speak Ukrainian to each other 70% of the time in the household, but when Percy and his brother are around, they speak mostly in English.

I believe it is imperative for an individual to explore the roots of his family, especially if his parents come from two very different countries. Being an only child, I feel as though it is my responsibility to carry on my family’s widely held traditions to my future generation. Sadly, I do not know how to make any of the traditional Korean dishes that my mother or grandmother makes, but I am more determined to take initiative and strive to learn as many dishes as I can.