Magic Brownies

– Recipe

“My recipe is you take two ounces of trim/marijuana clippings.  Or two ounces of low grade Marijuana.  So check it out – you bring a cup of water to a boil.  You then add two sticks of butter.  Once the butter melts, you throw the two ounces of MJ into the butter/water mixture.  Allow that mixture to simmer at a low temperature for aprox. four hours.  Ok so after the butter has been simmered, you drain the mixture of all the spent marijuana clippings.  And allow the mixture to cool, as the mixture cools, the butter rises and separates from the water.  And you’re left with umm a stick of cannabutter and some waste water that is later disposed of, or converted to Bhang.  This is done by adding milk to the waste the water.  The stick of cannabutter can then be used to create brownies or any other eatable of your choosing.  Simply fuse the butter with the brownie mix or item of your choice, and bon a’petit.” (J.M.)

Informant Analysis:

“I learned this recipe from a friend of mine in high school.  There are a lot of variations because some people like using only butter.  But I think that simmering it with water allows to separate some of the undesirable marijuana flavors from the fat soluble THC and other CTPs.  This leaves you with a tasty snack, and a fun new way of getting high.  Best of all, the high is better and lasts longer.” (J.M.)

Personal Analysis:

Making special brownies seems to be reserved for the smoking connoisseurs as it entails a much longer preparation process than any other means of consumption.  However, the benefits certainly seem to exceed the cost.  Aside from simply being a tasty snack, consuming cannabis in this fashion is significantly healthier in that it avoids any of the potential lung damaging effects associated with smoking. Additionally, it is known to facilitate an equally impressive and longer lasting effect.  That being said, it would seem that it is a more costly process in that it requires around two ounces of cannabis to create.

What is interesting to note about this folk recipe is the notion of variation.  People enjoy the consumption of cannabis in all possible ways, from smoking, to vaporizing, to eating.  Even when limited to eatables, variation exists in abundance.  People have different techniques for preparing cannabutter, and they certainly have varying tastes when determining what end product to create.

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