The following story is collected from my friend. He is from U.S.A. This interview is done face-to-face. “A” refers to me, the collector. And “B” refers to the participant.

A: “Did you experience anything you would explain as supernatural?


B: “I can’t remember now but I know something happened to my best friend.”


A: “Can you tell me about it?”

B: “When he was a kid, at one point he didn’t talk with his aunt for 5 years, because she and my friend’s father had a disagreement and they were not allowed to talk. But when he was younger, he loved spending time with her. At the end of 5th year, it was her birthday and my friend finally found the courage to ask his day, if they can tell call and wish happy birthday to her. Then my friends father told him the sad news. Apparently, his aunt died 2 years ago and my friends father did not tell this to him. So my friend ran out of the house when he learned this and started to cry.”

A: “How old was he?”

B: “I am not too sure. Maybe 12”

A: “Continue the story please”

B: “So, he was crying in the street and he saw a parrot standing next to him. He told me that a lady come up to him and  said “oh look this birds like you”. Then my friend remembered that his aunt liked parrots and thought maybe this bird was someway connected to her. Because he never saw that parrot next to his home and the day he tried to connect with his aunt, he saw it.  ”

A: “Does he still believe in it or did he stopped believing once he grew?”

B:” I can’t really talk about my friends beliefs, but I know that, whenever he tells this story to someone, he gets emotional. So maybe he still believes.”