Relevant Sayings

Relevant Sayings:

G.H.: A maxim or gnome I know, is uh, I race sail boats, and in sailboat racing, there’s a constant trimming of the sails and the rigging to go fast. And there’s many maxims regarding things to remind you, one maxim is that, regarding sail trim, “When in doubt, let it out.” When you doubt what to do, let it out, don’t harden it. Another maxim would be, uh, our race boat has a motto, uh, and how we are depicted by others, our motto is, “Overbearing in victory, surly in defeat.”

ME: How long have you had that motto?

G.H.: Eleven years. And that maxim, I’ve used it thirty years.

ME: OK, thank you.


G.H. describes two relevant sayings in his life. They have to do with boat racing, which likewise a significant part of his life. As a boat racer for years, he has come to find truth values in the maxim and motto he uses. I rarely have mottos or maxims in my life, and I believe I am quite adept at utilizing what I can to do the best I can try. As for mottos however, one that resonates with me, is “Live for the future.” I have always valued living for the future, and preparing in the now.