Remedy for a Cough

Note: I have been sick all semester long and I usually call my Grandmother who lives across the country for some magical remedy that might alleviate some of my symptoms.

Recipe: Place two teaspoon of honey in a cup with one teaspoon of butter and boil it. Drink it when it is warm, and drink it three times a day.

This recipe was told to me by my Grandmother who had it passed down from her Mother and Grandmother. She always has some kind of remedy to fix a cough or cold. There is not a specific “cure” for a cough, but this certainly has been used to alleviate the symptoms of a cough and soothe the throat. There are other variations of this recipe that involve water, lemon, salt, pepper, ginger, but this is the only one I have heard of that includes butter. My Grandmother is half Irish, but this recipe has no correspondence as to the origins of the recipe.