Rest Room Ghost Hanako

The informant heard this ghost story when he was in the primary school, and could not go to the the rest room by himself for long time after hearing this story.

In an empty rest rooms, if some one enters and ask if some one is using the rest room, a ghost of Japanese girl, Hanako replies. He/she has to knock each door of the rest room three times to see if Hanako is there. If she replies back to you, you will see the girl in a white shirt and red skirt. She will do nothing harmful to others but if she is in a bad mood, sometimes she strangles people. It is believed that a girl who got killed by a pedophile at school could not go to heaven and still waiting for the guy who killed her to haunt, therefore she is not interested in harming children.

This is a very famous ghost story in Japan, and almost most of japanese kids were scared of this ghost. It became a horror comics, movies, and animation. it is unsure if kids in japan still believe this story but it was really popular in 90’s. SInce the ghost was not harmful to children, there were many kids trying to see Hanako to show their bravery in order to be popular in the class.