(Re)Wrapping Christmas Presents

“My most disappointing Christmas ever.”


“Haha that’s uplifting.”


“I got so skillful at open hidden presents and resealing them that came Christmas morning, I knew everything I was getting. Never again did I open a present ahead of time. Because it was like, I know what everything is. And it was really a major disappointment, had to fake being surprised. So, never did it again.”



I’ve never heard of a family (or Santa) not ever wrapping there Christmas presents. In the U.S. there is always a plethora of shiny, brightly colored papers to choose from in rolls that can come in tens or hundreds of feet long. I’ve also seen some people use newspaper or brown butcher-type paper, but nonetheless paper. It adds to the suspense and surprise of waking up Christmas morning and wondering what gifts Santa brought. Of course, in my Grandpa’s case, he learned his lesson of spoiling the purpose of the wrapping paper.