Riddle – American

Q: “What two coins make 30 cents but one is not a nickel?

A: A quarter and a nickel.

My informant first heard this riddle when she was 7 years old.  She heard it while she was in class.  A classmate was speaking with her and her classmate felt like acting smart so her classmate asked her a riddle.  Her classmate asked her this riddle and my informant did not know the answer.  After my informant heard the answer, she was very angry because she thought the answer would be more complicated.  However, the answer was very simple.  Since she was so angry that the answer to the riddle was so simple, she will never forget this riddle.  My informant said, “Whenever I think of riddles, I always think of this one.”

My informant believes that this riddle is not that challenging and that this riddle was meant to just make someone feel dumb or silly.  Many people use riddles like this to socialize with other people.  Using riddles is a good way to break the ice between strangers.  Riddles can also be used as just entertainment.  Riddles are a good way to start conversations and a good topic to bring up when people just want to socialize and have a good time.