Riddle – Mexican

En Navidad, siempre nos juntamos y empezamos hacer intercambios. Y depende de la persona que me toca le empiezo hacer bromas. Aveces es ropa vieja, zapatos o cosas ya hechadas a perder. Y al tiempo que abre su regalo va mirando que no es lo el esperaba y son puras bromas que le estamos haciendo.

On Christmas, we always get together and have gift exchanges. Depending on the person that I get, I pull pranks on them. Sometimes they get old clothes, shoes, or things that have gone to waste. And when they open their gift they see that it’s not what they were expecting and it was just a prank that was being pulled on them.

This represents the very fun loving attitude that my family has. Victoria isn’t the only one pulling pranks on Christmas to other family members, they all do it as well. I’ve seen some give others blow up female dolls, a slice of bread, etc. Everybody does it for a laugh and since we don’t get together as a family like this that often, everyone wants to make it memorable. Also, when someone brings someone brings their new boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, they are the primary targets. It not to be mean, it’s just to reassure them that the family welcomes them to join in the festivities and possibly so that they can pull pranks on other the next year. To them it’s sort of like a rite of passage, while it is just a tradition to everyone else.