“On the first of the month I always say Rabbit Rabbit- without fail… I usually try to say it before my feet touch the ground… as I’m getting out of bed… but sometimes I forget until later on in the morning, but I always say it at some point”

Lindsay is my 22-year-old best friend and roommate. She grew up in Encino, California also known as “The Valley” but after graduating from USC last year, she lives with me in Westwood, California. Lindsay is superstitious about a few things, she religiously says “Rabbit Rabbit” on the first of the every month “because its good luck and I feel uncomfortable if I don’t.” Lindsay and I discussed her superstition on the 1st of March, when I heard her say “Rabbit Rabbit” while making breakfast. I had heard of it before and occasionally said it myself, when I remembered, but I wasn’t a true believer like Lindsay.

She learned about this superstition and ritual from the kids’ network Nickelodeon when she was young, probably when she was about 8-years-old. Since she learned about it she has always performed the ritual. She doesn’t have a reminder, it is all instinctually ingrained. She actually taught her brother and sister about the superstition, and now all three of them say “Rabbit Rabbit” on the first of every month.

The superstition is really a ritual for Lindsay, she always performs, “without fail” like she explained. It is part of her identity, and what is important to her, so it makes sense that she would want to share it with me. Though Lindsay did share it with me and her siblings, it is also a private ritual of hers that she doesn’t usually advertise. To her, it is of the utmost importance and very significant in her own life. From her relentless practicing of the ritual its value and significance is obvious. Lindsay probably shared this item with me because it is part of her identity, both the belief and the practice. She firmly supports the notion that saying “Rabbit Rabbit” is good luck for the month. Wikipedia has a page dedicated to the superstition and investigates its origins, its uses, and its variations like “Being the first to say “rabbit rabbit” to a person on the first of the month will bring good luck. Once someone says rabbit rabbit to you, you are no longer allowed to repeat it to anyone, thus having bad luck for the next month” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rabbit_rabbit. (3.20.07).