Roast Chicken Recipe

“Roast chicken is something that everybody loves and it’s great when somebody wants a homey dinner or a guest… so here’s the recipe… I’ve learned it from various people but I’ve changed it and made it my own… You take a cookie sheet… you cut root vegetables carrots, potatoes, onions, whatever you want and put them down. Then over the cookie sheet, you put a roasting pan grill. Take the grill out of the roasting pan and put it on the cookie sheet. Then you take your roasted chicken your roasted chicken… wash it and dry it very carefully… Then you take… thyme… rosemary… salt and pepper and my secret ingredient which is baking powder and you put it all in a blender and you blend it so it’s fine.¬†almost like dust. and you take that… mixture and you put it all over the bird and inside the bird’s cavity. You don’t put anything inside the bird’s cavity at all. You keep everything empty and then you put the bird on top of the ummm… pan… grill… wire… then you ummm… preheat the oven to four hundred and fifty degrees which is very hot then you take the chicken and put it in the oven for four hundred and fifty degrees. Because there is nothing stuffed in it like lemon or anything like that, it’s empty it’s gonna cook very quickly and hour fifteen or an hour and a half depends on the size of the bird. very quickly. When it comes out the skin is very crisp. all of the juices and fat have gone into the root vegetables at the bottom of the tray and it’s very good. The perfect way to cook a chicken”


This cooking seems to be less traditional as it utilizes modern cooking techniques. It seems to be a very modern piece of folklore derived from various new methods of cooking weather they be based in folklore or fact. The informant isn’t very sure where he got said methods.