Rolling an East Coast blunt

Irish, Italian


18, student

White Planes, NY

20 April 2011

Rolling an East Coast Blunt

Step 1: throw what you got in any way towards the weed fund

Step 2: buy a Game cigar

Step 3: lick outside of cigar

Step 4: separate inner leaf from the outer leaf

Step 5: Split open the inner and gut the cigar

Step 6: Rip off the cancer strip (glue strip)

Step 7: insert weed and roll inner like you would a joint

Step 8: Lick the outer leaf and roll the inner into the outer along the vein of the leaf in an L shape

Step 9: Bite off the excess leaf

Step 10: Smoke in order: whoever rolled, whoever threw, highest rank, the wolves

Tristan learned to roll a cigar from his two friends Hiro and Schreck taught Tristan this process as part of an initiation into their friends group. In the process, Tristan said he broke four cigars his first time. Unlike the Midwest swisher style, this east coast method is strictly followed and held to the highest regard. Tristan smokes up to five blunts with his friends per day and he says it’s the time when he feels most relaxed and connected to his friends.

This style is unique to the east coast smoking culture. To both the Midwest and the East, “rolling a blunt” is the same but the way its done varies from culture to culture. Smoking has been part of folklore since it was created: the jargon, the traditions and the techniques that go into smoking have been passed down for years. Tristan describes rolling the blunt very passionately which testifies to his deep seeded attachment to smoking. The way he expresses his adoration makes smoking blunts essential to ones existence.  Examples of smoking blunts can be seen throughout pop culture and in literature as well. Characters like Cheech and Chong have been smoking blunts and uniting people for years.

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