Rouhmi Cryus

Main Piece: “Do not be around people who cannot fan your flames.” Rouhmi

Background Information:  The informat learned this saying from his grandparents in Iran when he was having trouble making friends in school. The informat says that this is a typical persian saying that most grandparents or parents tell their children when they are adolescents. The main message behind this is to be around people that can calm you down and ease your nerves. The informat says he takes this into consideration every time he is trying to meet new people and new friends.

Context of Performance: In the informant’s house in San Diego

Thoughts: This proverb seems telling of the Persian culture, especially of who you should surround yourself with. This is different from most proverbs because it is saying to surround yourself with people who can calm your down vs other proverbs that say be around happy upbeat people. This also relates to the Persian value of being humble, and being arround people who can ground you instead of always praise you.