Rule of Three’s: Good vs. Bad

Good Luck and Bad Luck comes in Threes, where action goes energy flows.

Another premonition that kind of depends on what you sent out into the universe and think about, where that energy flows. A great example of this is good luck and bad luck comes in threes. Lukas described to me that he learned this saying from his mother. While it is not 100% guaranteed, coincidences occur that correspond to this saying. People often say if they encounter any bad luck that it will happen three times in a row and the same is for good luck. There is not a specific documentation of this happening every time, however you become conscious one something bad happens and it becomes easier for you to pick Up on other negative aspects or events you encounter. Likewise, this goes for positive events if you want something good to happen and it does, usually, three other good things will happen. It’s not forced, and it’s not something that you pray about, however wherever you put your energy and focus it, it is returned back to you in some way, shape or form.