Salmon – Avocado Noodle Recipe

Salmon – Avocado Noodle Recipe

G.L is one of my roommates’ mothers and I interviewed her for some folklore she has encountered or experienced.  She is Taiwanese and was born and raised in Taiwan, but she moved to California to raise her children. She thinks that it’s more beneficial to have her children study in the State but also having experience their ethnic culture. Having lived in two countries for a long period time, she had experienced two big cultural aspects of the world, so she would have a decent idea of how the Chinese and Western culture works.

One piece of folklore she gave me was a recipe that was passed down from recent generations in her family. Her recipe would be for a salmon-avocado noodle. This would be made by having the salmon cooked, with the noodles. The noodles would be Taiwanese noodles. Then you would need to chop up some cucumbers and green onion and avocado. This cuisine is called salmon – avocado noodles because the taste of the avocado stands out. Then they would add soy sauce and stir everything together.

G.L likes this particular recipe because of the multicultural ingredients from this. The ingredients are a hybrid from the avocado from California and the salmon from Japan, as her mother is from there. And since they would cook this in Taiwan, some of the ingredients would also be there like the noodles. Although this recipe hasn’t been passed down from generations and generations before, it’s still a tradition to the family, as only the female members of the family knows how to cook it.

As stated before, the recipe has food from all over the world, making it a multi-cultural cuisine. By using all these different types of ingredients, the family can experience many culture from just one instant. Since it’s also shared by the women of the family, it’s prideful to them in that only they would know the recipe.

I think this is a good way to experience different cultures without actually going there. People can make any type of hybrid of food, the ingredients doesn’t have to be just from one culture or country. And mixing different types of ingredients from all over the place doesn’t necessarily means that the food would taste bad. Some of the best tasting foods have ingredients from all over the world.