Salvadoran Children Song

--Informant Info--
Nationality: Salvadoran
Age: 50
Occupation: Service Coordinator
Residence: North Hills, California
Date of Performance/Collection: 04/20/17
Primary Language: Spanish
Other Language(s): English

Sana, Sana culito de rana

Si no sanas hoy, sanaras manana

Translate to: Heal, heal, little bug of frog, if you don’t heal today, then you’ll heal tomorrow.

This song is usually sung to small children that have been hurt. it is a way to keep children from crying to when they get hurt.

My informant is a service coordinator. She likes to help people. She also migrated from El Salvador to the United States. Most of her stories are from her mother or personal experiences.

I talked to my informant over coffee in our house.