Same Socks

When I played football in high school, for our games I liked to wear the same socks every time. First of all they were comfortable, but I was also superstitious and it made me feel better and confident going into each game. It was just a tradition I had that, you know, I kept throughout middle school and high school. It wasn’t the same pair of socks throughout the whole time; it was basically one for every season. And it was just the consistency that made me feel confident going in each and every weekend in the games against the opponents. I think it’s really important to keep a superstition like that because it’s something psychological and I believe that there are studies that show that your performance does increase when you have something like that.

I believe that having a kind of superstition will actually increase your performance. As he said, there are studies that show that you do better when you have these kind of psychological motivations. I used to do something similar during my soccer games, listening to the same song during the warm-ups. It worked pretty well because I got into the game hyped up and thinking I would win. Of course that there is no direct impact on the way you play but rather an indirect consequence that will help your mind put yourself in the game. I highly recommend doing something similar to this.