When I was a little girl I had a bedtime ritual that I later passed on to my children. My mother would tuck me in to my bed cozy and tight, we would say a prayer and would tell me to close my eyes and sleep tight so the sand man can come to make me dream and have a good night. My mother told me she could tell if I had a good nights sleep by looking into the corner of my eyes. If I went to bed when I was suppose to the Sand Man would come and sprinkle sand into my eyes to bring on a good nights sleep and she would see the sand he left in the corners of my eyes.
Now that I look back and think about it, the Sand Man sounded pretty scary and I cant believe how I wasn’t scared to go to bed at night knowing a creepy little man was around me sprinkling something on me.

Informant: My informant for this piece of literature is my mom, Norma Comisar. She is in her late forties and grew up on the east coast specifically Staten Island New York. She says she would be told this story by her family members, which she later passed down to my brothers and I.

Analysis: I find it interesting to think about how many folklore stories are told to us as children, and the amount of stories’ protagonist that could be seen as creepy or scary. When I was younger and my mom was younger we knew this story and it would cause us to get a little scared due to a little man coming into our room while were sleeping and sprinkle sand in our eyes. My mom never really thought of the