The Past is History, the Future is a Mystery, this Moment is a Gift- that’s why it’s called The Present.

My informant’s mother told her this when she told her about when the informant’s boyfriend cheated on her with another female. She became very distraught and went to her mother for advice. She told her daughter that he was not the one for her, but there was someone out there that will treat her far better than he ever did. I might not know who that person is right at this moment but in the near future they will be together. She told her that this moment is a gift so she needs to start looking for potential persons who fit my needs and who I am compatible with.

This saying is very interesting because it is known that United States culture places a lot more emphasis on the current and future, yet other cultures place much more importance on remembering the past and honoring past relatives such as in the Asian cultures.

The saying as a sing-song affect that begins as a rhyme, yet is obviously changes to state a matter-of-fact.  It has a AAB rhyme to it, where the first two clauses rhyme, yet the last sentence is blunt and states the most important idea, that to live everyday as much as possible with a positive attitude that will eventually lead to a prosperous future.