Saying – Finland

Sitä kuusta kuuleminen, jonka juurella asunto.

Sitä kuusta kuuleminen jonka juurella asunto
It sprucetree hear whose roots accommodation

Listen to the tree that you sit under.

When I asked my informant to supply me with a saying he gave me one that he tells his children everyday.  He said that this saying is very old and has been in the Finnish culture from before recorded times.  He spoke of hearing it from this father, who told him this saying when he was just a little boy, and he said his father told him as well.  Although the words don’t translate to make any sense, through the culture it is said that it makes perfect sense to all Finns.

The saying basically is stating that it is extremely important to listen and respect your parents.  The parents are symbolized by the tree.  The tree is a great symbol for parents because it is a strong foundation and offers shade or protection that can be the sun or dangers.  The tree often is symbolized as giving such as in the popular children’s book by Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree.

The two words that make the least sense are the honeysuckle and goodbye because they seem not to be coherent to the message the saying is trying to portray.  The honeysuckle can symbolize prosperity and sweetness that can come of listening to your parents.

My informant easily uses this saying in everyday conversation such as in times when the kids talk back to their mother or father, this saying comes in handy.  Respect those that give so much to you.