Saying – Finland

Lopussa kiitos seisoo

Lopussa kiitos seisoo
Up Acknowledgement Stand

Stand Up Acknowledgment, Acknowledgment will come later

My informant must keep this philosophy in his head as he struggles through his secondary schooling and continues to primary school.   He constantly wonders what the point of going to school is, yet his mother always reminded him that later the benefits of school would come to him.

It is often difficult to continue in a job that you think is unnecessary and pointless, yet sometime soon there is a promotion in there for you.  It is often like this in media positions where for a long time you will be making coffee, getting laundry, and running gopher tasks and seems not to go anywhere.  Although it may seem like this, one day, the favors you do for your boss will come back and help you later on.  With your hard work and perserverance.

The word “Kiitos” alone stands for “Your welcome”.

It is often a humorous plot line to see struggling assistants that strive to make it in their respective businesses.  In the popular TV comedy Ugly Betty, Betty wants to be a renowned journalist, so she finds a job as an assistant for the Editor-in-Chief of Mode Magazine.  She finds herself doing superfluous tasks.  She goes home everynight, distraught that she feels she is going nowhere, yet her father reminds her that someday her hard work will get her somewhere.  Later on in the season, Betty is offered a position as a journalist for the sister magazine, proving that as long as she sticks to something, she will be rewarded later.