Saying – Indian

This is an Indian saying that Tanvi had learned in the fifth grade. She attended a private school in Bombay, India. They often had lessons about great people throughout history. The lessons included the people’s sayings and moral teachings. This particular saying was created by an Indian man named Kabir, and it actually rhymes when it is in Hindi. Kabir was an orphan that was either Hindu or Muslim. He became famous for his literary works and sayings, such as the one in discussion. Kabir can actually be considered a legendary figure because it is believed that his body mysteriously vanished from the tomb after it was buried.

This saying is actually a style of poetry called doha consisting of four lines in a rhyming scheme. The trend with the doha style is that the poetry consists of higher vocabulary but communicates a simple meaning. In this case, Tanvi believes that the basic moral is do not procrastinate. She said that she definitely agrees with the concept of avoiding procrastination. However, she laughed and commented that we all, herself included, procrastinate no matter what. According to Tanvi, there are many reminders and warnings against procrastination but people cannot help but do it anyway.