Saying – Spanish

vale solo que mal acompanado

Vale Solo Que Mal Acompanado
You go Alone Than Bad company

It’s better to be alone, than be badly accompanied.
My informant learned of this saying when he was 10 growing up while he and his little brother, who was six, went to similar secondary schools.  His mother was talking one day with his aunt about him and his brother and how different they were.  My informant had many friends, and was often very influenced by them.  On the other hand, his brother was a bit of a loner and was less social.  He was no influenced at all by his peers, and did whatever he wanted.

To describe his little brother his mother would often say, “Vale solo que mal acompanado” which basically states that even though he is alone, it is better than joining a bad gang.  It was better to be a good person and alone, then have friends and be a bad person.

This saying is a form of an excuse for the behavior of not having any friends, and making it acceptable and giving a reason to choosing to do so.

This also can be used in a different context.  For example, if someone is going to a school dance, is it better that the student goes alone with friends or goes with a date that could possibly be a disaster.  My informant said that he would tell his mother all the time that he likes to go alone because it is less of a risk of having a horrible date.