Scar Remedy

“If you have scars you have to put Vitamin E oil on them.  I don’t know why but my mom tells me to do it, and I’ve had like a billon people telling me to do it.”

The informant, Julia, was recently hit by a car.  Although she did not have any major injuries, she has scaring on her face and several areas on her body.  She performs this folk remedy everyday in order to heal her scars.  She learned this piece of folk medicine from her mother and also from friends.  This folk medicine is so widespread that she reports that at least one person tell her to use Vitamin E oil when they hear about her accident.

I believe this folk remedy to be affective.  Although I have not used it myself, I have seen several people’s scars begin to go away after using Vitamin E oil.  If so many people are using Vitamin E oil to help their scaring disappear it must be working.