School Cheer

“G-R-I-ZZL-IES…. We are the California (Stomp, Stomp) Grizzlies”

Julia was a cheerleader in High School.  She remember have a great amount of school pride and enjoyed cheering for sports teams.  Julia performed this cheer with the other cheerleaders at high school football games.  She has fond memories of this cheer because she loved high school.  Julia learned this cheer from her cheer coach, but she remembered that it had been passed down from the girls who cheered in the previous years as well. She also recalls that everyone make Grizzly claws with their hands when they cheered “Grizzlies” at the end.

I think this song is a simple way to promote school spirit. By spelling out the word “Grizzlies”, the team mascot is emphasized and celebrated.  This song should only really be performed by cheerleaders and spectators/fans at the high school football game.  The custom of creating hand motions to represent the mascot, in this instance a Grizzly claw, is prevalent throughout sports.  For instance, at USC football games fan’s make a “V” with their fingers to symbolize “Victory” and the mascot Tommy Trojan.