“This is another ritual from Korean New Years, but I remember after wearing the Hanbok, we did this thing called sebae, where the children bowed to their parents and to adults. We wished them luck for the new year, and for their new year to be full of blessings. Then, they gave us money! I mean.. easy money, right?”

Sebae is probably a ritual that most Koreans follow during the New Years. Even I remember doing sebae to my grandparents and elders when I was a child. This ritual shows how much emphasis Asian cultures, especially, put on respecting elders. This deep bowing allows children to show their respects to their elders, giving them a good opportunity to practice. This is one ritual that I haven’t done in a while and being reminded of it makes me want to start doing it again to my parents.

Irene Choi is a 21 year old, junior, studying Theatre Set Design. She is a friend that I have always heard about, but got close to because we took a class together. All the stories that she told me are from the Korean culture. She grew up living in the United States most of her life, so the folktales are whatever she heard and learned from her parents. She identifies herself as a second generation Korean, but tries her best to keep her identity as a Korean.

Irene told me her folklores in a casual setting. We were spending time together and I just randomly asked her to share any folklore she had.