Subject: Culinary

Informant: Daniel is originally from Guayaquil, a city in the coast of Ecuador.  He is an only child and has just received a diploma in Business. He has lived in California for the past four years, but will be returning to Ecuador in the coming month.
Original Script: In Ecuador there is a dish called “Seco de Pollo” and “seco” means dry; but the dish isn’t dry at all. Its basically chicken drenched in sauce. The dish is called that because a long time ago, Americans who were working in Ecuador would ask for the “second dish”, which is  the main dish of a meal. But the Ecuadorians understood “seco” instead, and eventually that is how the dish got its name.

Background information by informant: Seco de Pollo is a traditional main dish in the coast of Ecuador.

Thoughts: Even certain events can completely shape the manner in which a term is used to describe something.