Second Trip to Dun Huang

The same informant told me another story of a vision that came to her during her second trip back to Dun Huang for more information research for her dissertation.

Informant: The second time I went back to Dun Huang 3 years later. I had to change my dissertation topic because I could not trace the whereabouts of the paintings I wanted to study. As an art historian, I can not write my dissertation base on reproductions I saw on books. So, I went and talked to professors in Du Huang to help change a dissertation topic.

Then I got a premonition: a woman on the bed, and a man next to the person on the bed kneeling. The man was looking at the person on the bed. I could not make out any faces. I would see this image constantly. It really creeped me out. To the point that when I went home, trying to study, the image would always pop out. I had no one to talk to about it either.

3 to 4 months later, it faded away though. After changing my dissertation topic, I went back to Dun Huang again 2 years later. That time I spent a week in japan for a week first, then went to China. Went to Japan to study about temples in Kyoto. Then I went to Dun Huang for research. That time I was so happy, had my preliminary draft for dissertation done. My purpose was to go back for more photographs and final research. Not all the 400+ caves were published, so I had to apply to go to undocumented caves.

My husband told me that we had to go our separate ways him being non-religious and me becoming super religious. Then one night he told me that he wanted a divorce. He had told me that there had been another woman while I was in China, someone else had been in my house and in my bed with my husband.

After talking to my best friend, she told me that the premonition was what happened a year later. Except for the woman on the bed was not me, but another woman. The image I saw was a vision.


After hearing this story, I felt that this was incredibly sad and extremely personal. I was against putting this story on this website, but she said it was in the past and that it is something that it was fine for me to post this. This was an incredibly spooky story for me to listen too. It felt like it was going to be something like a memory or something, but it ended up being a very sad story with a terrible twist to the ending of the story. having the same vision haunt the informant for many months, only to finally understand the vision as a premonition for the event that was to come about in the future.