Senter Road Haunted House

Travis: So what ghost story are you going to tell me today?

Lina: Ummm about the haunted house on Senter Road.

Travis: What does the house look like?

Lina: It’s a one story house with a white gate, big round rocks on the front yard, and a blue roof.

Travis: So what happened at the house?

Lina: Okay. So I heard at the house three people were murdered and someone committed suicide at the house.

Travis: Where did you hear this?

Lina: I don’t really remember. I heard about it so long ago, but everyone knows about it. So anyways, people they move in and house after only living at the house for a few weeks. One story I heard… ummm that house, they were trying to sell it right. So this guy bought the house because it was really cheap and he had no idea why, but he            bought it anyways and when he got into the house he moved everything in.

Travis: Did he live alone?

Lina: Yeah. Everything was normal. Everything was good, until he went to sleep one night and ummm in the middle of the night he woke up because something was pulling on his leg. And it pulled him out of bed and it was like yelling, screaming in his ear. Itwas just screaming at him saying get the hell out of here and stuff. Yeah, it pulled himout of his bed and said, “This is my room. This is where I belong. Get the hell out of here.” Stuff like that. So afterwards the man moved everything out and left. That house, no one wanted to buy it anymore because they heard of the story. And umm they got three rocks I think and put it in the front to basically hold down the spirit or control it. And its just three rocks equally distributed to control the spirit there. Yeah… and every year, kids go to the house to see if they can find the ghost. Most kids are too scared to go inside though. Ummm… one year in Halloween there was a sign on the door that said, “Get the fuck out of my house”. And that’s what I know about the haunted house on Senter Road.”

This ghost story carries a very important lesson. When buying items which have been owned by others, find out the history of the item; especially if the offer given is particularly unusual.  Not only does this ghost story entail a very important lesson, but it also tells a little bit about the culture of the people who live around area. The people who live around the area are mostly Asian and are very superstitious. The local communities belief in ghost and customs are revealed when they placed three rocks behind the gates of the house to keep the spirit contained. However, another side of the community can be seen through the sign on the door. With the house being near many schools where academic performance is low and many students are troublesome, there is a disregard for private property, local belief, and vandalism.

Living near the house, I passed it everyday as I went to school. Growing up in the area it’s nearly impossible not to hear about it or talk about it at least once. It’s a little landmark which everyone knows about. From the outside it looks like a very nice, maintained, regular house, but has not been inhabited for over eight years. I’ve never gone inside the house, but I have pasted it many times and every time I pass the house, I get a very… eerie feeling.