Shabbat Dinner

I have Shabbat dinner with my family every Friday night. This is a great tradition to have because you get to sit around the table and reflect on the past week as well as celebrate a religious holiday. I have been celebrating this religious holiday since I was in Pre School. We get to sit on the same seats and eat the same meals every Friday night. I believe this is important because it not only creates an incredible bond with all of your family not only in the sense of being together but also in a way that we all share our concerns and problems and get to hear from each other. We hear suggestions and apply them to our lives. It is meaningful to me because it really is a religious thing that we do every week and although I don’t consider myself to be e very religious person it helps with my well-being.

In my opinion having a family bond is always necessary. People normally grow up and with time are not as close to their family like they were before. Brendan says that he is not a very religious person but he still participates on these religious family dinners not only to celebrate the Jewish community but most importantly to have a time where the family can meet on a regular basis. I am catholic and although I believe in my faith I barely partake on religious practices. These dinners are meant to represent something bigger than religion and I think it is really important for people to have these family reunions, especially with such regularity. It is a time where they can share their experiences and ask for advice. I wish I had the opportunity to do that with more frequency.