Shooting Star

Main Piece: Shooting Star

“If you see a shooting star you should immediately think of a wish, but keep it to yourself! If you tell somebody else the wish will not come true.

Background Information:

A shooting star is a symbol of luck because it is generally not something that is seen every night. Because of this, there is a belief that making a wish when you see the shooting star will make that wish come true. The informant first heard of this during her childhood over the summer.

Context of the Performance:

This is done when you see a shooting star at night. This holds true regardless if you are not the only one that happens to see the shooting star. 

My Thoughts:

I have heard this folk belief more times than I can remember and I have participated in it even though I knew that making a wish when you see a shooting star will have no effect on whether or not the wish will actually come true. I think that this is a fun folk belief that causes no harm to be done and it also inspires some imagination as well as creativity.