Snake in a box prank

Graham is a 21 year old music major at USC. He is originally from Houston Texas and has lived there his whole live, he specifically lived on a ranch. A big part of Graham’s family activities is hunting. His grandfather and father take him quail, duck and hog hunting frequently. Graham says his life involved a lot of hunting before he came to LA. He also mentioned that his are and family was big into pranking. He tells the story of a prank he witnessed at a post hunt barbeque.

“My grandfather each year took the same oil and gas people on a hunting trip to go quail hunting in south Texas, same lease same people same company, so each year each man was required to bring certain things to a barbeque after, one person brought biscuits, another eggs, some would bring sausage, other burgers for food. And my grandfather was in charge of desserts, my grandfather each brought the same chocolate cake, incredibly good, one of the best in Texas, a recipe he learned from his aunt Etna, so everyone would be drinking around the fire and would go back and get this cake and bum rush it, I mean there was no patience for this stuff it was like sweet nectar to these people, anyway, my grandfather saw this and pulled a prank one year and put a live rattlesnake inside the cake box, so when you open up the cake, the snake was there, so my grandfather said ‘hey guys I think it’s time for dessert’ and everyone rushed to get cake and my grandfather’s friend also named john got there first, opened it up, and a live rattlesnake was coiled up, so year after year people are always careful when they go open the cake box now.”

Graham mentioned that people in Texas have grown accustomed to rattlesnakes, but they are something people respect and fear, and know not to get too close too. Graham said this prank was used for laughs and to teach a lesson in carefulness and patience that he said is performed quite often when people get too comfortable with something. I again think this is an interesting prank, as rattlesnakes don’t exist in many places.