“Like ship on the harbor, / like a mother and child, like a light in the darkness, / I’ll hold you a while.

We’ll rock on the water, / I’ll cradle you near, /And hold you while / Angels rock you to sleep.”

The subject’s mother would sing her this lullabye every night before the subject would go to sleep. Her mother sang the lullabye every night until the subject was nine years old. The song was a source of comfort to the subject. It is important to note that while the subject had difficulty reciting the songs lyrics and looked online to find the lyrics where she found that the song’s origins are….

The song has inherent mother/ daughter imagery and draws upon comforting images like angles and water.

Upon further investigation I found that the song is actually of Irish origins and that the subjects mother could have acquired the song while on vacation in Ireland years before the subject was born.