Sorority/ Fraternity Composite

Composites are a collection of photos of every woman currently in the house. Hanging in the house, there are composites from every year dating back to the first year the chapter was formed, always the same format. These composites show the changes in women, styles of hair and makeup across the decades, but also show how things are still the same such the core values of the house that do not change. Composites are the physical representation of the house and all the values that have been passed down throughout the years. I think composites are interesting as they show the members of the house over the years. It shows the evolution of the house to modern times and shows the trends of fashion, hair, and makeup from decades ago until now. Composites are also a symbol of a member’s representation and physical part of the house. It shows the bond of the members of the house because even from the early 1900’s, those members and current members are “sisters” or “brothers”.