Stanley Kalu 21: Nigerian Proverb

“There’s a proverb from southern niggeria every day is for the thief one day is for the owner of the house, nigeria has a problem with corruption top down from the government, yes you could keep doing it but eventually you will get caught.”

Context: Stanley partially grew up in Nigeria, and moved to the United States when he was a little older. He heard it from his time living in Nigeria. I collected this piece from him in our folklore class. As he mentions, this proverb deals with Nigeria’s corruption and the thievery problem.

Analysis: A proverb like this maintains the notion that every thief’s wrongdoing will catch up to him eventually and there will be justice for everyone. As many people have been affected by a thief of corrupt person at one point or another in Nigeria, it is probably a comfort to hear that their suffering was not for nothing and the thief will eventually be brought to justice.