Steamed Egg

Scrambled eggs and chicken broth in a large bowl. Seal with plastic wrap. Place in microwave for 20 minutes or until mixture has risen into a solid, light, and airy consistency.

Pauline was born and raised in Taiwan. She moved all around the world as a child, living in countries such as Germany and France.  After her college years, she moved to  San Francisco where her sister moved to after she  got married.  There she went to graduate school at  the University of San Francisco and got her master’s degree in business.

Pauline loved living in San Francisco and said that whenever she was sick, she would make steamed egg.  She says she was taught this recipe by her sister when she was in college.  It is very simple and utilizes a microwave. She said that it was the best cure for being sick.  Whenever she makes it, she thinks about when her older sister would make it for her when she was younger. Pauline says that her older sister was her best friend and that the dish always reminds her of her.

Personally, I have had this dish when sick, and I completely agree that it is the perfect comfort food when feeling sick and weak.  It is light and literally melts in my mouth.  I think this dish is a slight variation on chicken noodle soup, retaining the chicken broth and adding egg.  Whenever I think about this dish, it brings back great memories of my mom taking care of me.  My mom would always make it for me whenever I was sick.  She always had the same ritual every time I was sick: she would make steamed egg for me, tuck me into bed, put in a movie, and then tell me to dig in.