Story of Krampus

Luis is a 23 year old business major at USC. He grew up his entire life in Berlin, Germany and decided to come to the US for school. When he first came to USC, it was only his 4th time in the US. He tells the story of Krampus from when he was a kid and says he still gets nightmares from the image of it.

So like, what they do in Germany, December 6 is saint Nicholas right? instead of saint Nicholas, little gifts are still given kids but he has a partner in crime, his name is Krampus, and he punishes the naughty kids, and he has a big bag and broom, and if you’re naughty he hits you with the broom and puts you in the bag and carries you away. I always got the Krampus every year at the town festival and I hated it, I still have nightmares, he would always hit me with a broom as my parents watched and cheered because I was naughty”

I think his condensed version of Krampus is one that gives the whole gist of it from the sense of an average person growing up around the time. I especially like this because I never had experience with anyone named Krampus, I just had Santa Clause give me gifts, so this idea of Krampus is entirely new to me.